Here are examples of websites you can expect if you use my services:

An illustration of webpage development

Due to the very broad nature of websites, prices will have to be negotiated as the idea is presented.

That being said I offer two different methods of web development:

  1. I will make you a website for a smaller sum and maintain it for a monthly fee. With this method I will own the files that make up the webpage, as well as the domain name. With this method I would update your website with any new images, information or other media you want on your webpage. For example if you have a new product you need to advertise, simply send me the information and I will make it available to your customers as well as push it for SEO (search engine optimizatoin)If this agreement ever becomes unfavorable for you and you wish to no longer use my services, I will take down the webpage and no longer use the domain name and offer to allow you to "buy me out" and give you ownership of the domain name as well as the files. This option is ideal if you are a small business that doesn't have staff to manage your site.
  2. I will make your website, acquire your domain name and sell it to you directly. This is ideal if you have experience managing a webpage or have staff or a provider in mind to manage it for you. With this method it is on the business owner to manage, host and edit the website.